New Hospice and Hemodialysis Project

We are excited to be selected to design a new Hospice/Palliative Care and Hemodialysis Unit on the site of, and connected to, Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, NS.

Hospice is a really exciting project type. By placing the people who need specific services for the dying process in the appropriate environment, rather than a traditional hospital bed, burden on the rest of the healthcare system is reduced. Not only does it have the potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs, it is also a deeply spiritual and important place. This is the last space some people will see before they close their eyes that one last time.

This is really profound and important work.

The dialysis component complements our significant portfolio of dialysis work. This is another special environment where so much can be done in the design of the spaces to impact the experience of those people who sit in dialysis chairs for hours on end, sometimes every day, in a positive way, making their experiences as comfortable and un-hospital like as possible.

Annapolis Valley Health is one of nine health districts in Nova Scotia providing programs and services to nearly 82,000 Nova Scotians in Annapolis and Kings Counties.