International & Transborder Passenger Terminal

Sea & Air. Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Enfield, NS

We worked in conjunction with Stantec (Vancouver) on this complex renovation and addition project which brings US Customs and Border Patrol (USCBP) to the Atlantic region celebrates the city of Halifax as a pivotal navigational beacon of both sea and international air travel. The project had to accommodate the distinctive requirements of USCBP and is designed as an airport within an airport with dedicated check-in, security, US customs processing and offices, baggage handling, flexible passenger lounges, gates, bridges, ground transport, arrivals corridors, clean and sterile passenger flows, and aircraft apron.

A thematic design strategy reconstructs passenger processing, from front door to aircraft, as a series of staged experiences, each with its own character and references. An emphasis was placed on calming a typically high-anxiety environment through form, clarity, humour, and expression.

The new facility, originally a pilot project, has now been identified by US and Canadian customs and airport authorities as the example to follow for airports around the world wishing to implement their own US Preclearance facilities.

Photography: Chris Reardon.

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