More Research, Laboratory & Scientific Work

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging Research Facility, Halifax, NS
New Acadia University Biology Building – Microbiology Teaching & Research Labs, Wolfville, NS (in association with Barrie & Langille Architects and Moriyama & Teshima Architects)
Agricultural Centre of Excellence Program & Conceptual Site Studies, Bible Hill, NS
Life Sciences Research Village Master Plan, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
Environmental Health Centre, Fall River, NS
Environmental Health Centre Building Maintenance Management, Fall River, NS
Cancer Care Nova Scotia Master Plan, Halifax, NS
IWK Grace Invivo Level 3 Containment Lab, Halifax, NS
Grace Maternity Hospital Endocrine & Fertility Centre Relocation, Halifax, NS
IWK Children’s Hospital Aquatics Lab, Halifax, NS
IWK Children’s Hospital Genetics/Level 2 Link, Halifax, NS
IWK Children’s Hospital Clinical Laboratory, Halifax, NS
Victoria General Hospital Rheumatology Laboratory, Halifax, NS