Ticket Booth Modernization

Ergonomic Workplace – North Sydney Ferry Terminal, NS

The North Sydney Ferry Terminal is a gateway for commerce and touring, connecting Nova Scotia to Newfoundland for over 120 years. Over the course of a year the terminal services 122,000 passengers in 91,000 vehicles. Complimenting the existing terminal, the ticket booths create a safe and efficient transaction environment for passengers and staff.

In partnership with CBCL, Nycum was engaged to design new ticketing booths for vehicular passenger ticketing and processing. This consisted of 4 booths with a canopy overhead, whose shape references the hull of a ship. The canopy shades employees throughout the day and protects them from rain and snow. It features a design that carefully considers material and aesthetics, components which complement the ferry terminal while offering a clean and timeless appearance.

As part of ongoing enhancements for the ferry service, the new booths improve the terminal’s ability to serve passenger and commercial vehicles efficiently while providing a safe and secure workplace. The efficient square footage of each booth required special consideration in order to create a structure that is well-insulated and comfortable in all seasons. In addition to the space required for this comfort, each booth is equipped with numerous pieces of technology, so careful consideration was made so that the workspace felt light and comfortable. The booth’s design is flexible so it can accommodate a variety of different sized vehicles. To accomplish this flexibility the height of furniture and the size and shape of the service window was specially developed with an ergonomics consultant. As a result, the booths represent the best possible ergonomic work environment.

An auxiliary building was also designed, providing an office for the shift supervisor and a place for employees to meet. It, like the other structures, uses materials and coatings chosen to resist the high winds and salt abrasion of North Sydney. Its façade compliments the service booths and the terminal building through the use of its material palette and grey and navy colour. A sun study was completed in order to place the windows strategically so that the supervisor could have a full view of the booths while avoiding the glare of the sun.

Photography: All by William Nycum & Associates Limited

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